I have been involved with music for as long as I can remember. I started piano lessons back while attending Elementary School and moved onto playing the trumpet before 5th grade. One of the grade school teachers got pretty upset and ended up throwing my trumpet across the classroom and - well, that was the end of that.

I was in 'Super Six' for middle school and did 6th grade at Kennedy Jr. High where I officially started band, playing a variety of instruments including baritone, vibes, timpani and percussion and was in the school band.

I attended Monta Vista High School, which is one of the highest ranking high schools in California (was ranked # 2 after Gunn in Palo Alto). I was in the notorious percussion section in marching band for the first three of my four years at Monta Vista. I started on cymbals and moved up to bass drum in my first year and snare for my sophomore and junior years. Percussion was a good experience, thanks to our instructors, Paul and Martha (Vangaurd drum corp). We did some competitions and bowls and usually won but never could get into the whole football thing.

Reformation (Eric Lee - drums, Brian Schey - bass, Rob Pollacek - guitar, vocals)

Starting around junior high I was getting pretty deep into 'alternative' music and my so called fashion followed, getting me kicked out of the band picture by that mustached prick Mr. Galle. My good friend Kelly Child and I used to cruise our Vespas around after school always seeking that hot new cd and obscure bands. Good times.

In my junior year I started finding my musical grooves and several garage bands were formed. Including Reformation with Brian Schey and Rob Pollacek (pictured above). We had quite an extensive setup, even by today's standards. My parents sent me and my friends to a studio school at where we got a chance to get hands on in a real studio and track out. This was a really great experience and one that would forever alter my life in music.

I started getting into house music in 1989 when my friend Brian Schey (now a studio owner in KS) sold me an acid house cassette at Rainbow Records. Friends Mark Choo, Jason Boyer and I, from my electronic garage bands, went to a 'techno' night in San Jose, CA and were really intrigued by the sounds. My friends Jen Adash and Chris Lozowicki took me to a party called The Gathering at the Concourse Exhibition Center in San Francisco and from that moment the next decade and a half of my life were devoted to virtually every sector of the dance scene including dj, producer, promoter, and music label owner. I toured nationally and beyond with my previous management team, Sherry and Amanda Pearl at Hands on Deck - I am still spending my frequent flyer miles.

I am currently managed by Subculture Agency and my PR is handled by the Sara Cooper Agency, along with heavy-hitters such as Carl Cox, Louis Osbourne (Ozzy's eldest son).

I founded Journees Music, Shotcallers Music, The White Label Group and other labels and have a pretty extensive collection of releases on vinyl, cd, mix cd, and licenses to videogames, soundtracks, tv shows, commercials and beyond. At this time the digital realm is my preferred distribution channel but still have cds available in stores and sites like Amazon.

It's certainly been a great experience and I am thankful for the opportunity. Don't get it twisted though, the party isn't over yet. Although I am not currently accepting dj gigs I am still signing artists and producing music and keeping myself open to future opportunities.


Thank you for your continued support.